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Catalysts Bev Murrill


Bev Murrill

Published November 17th 2013
Kindle Edition
168 pages
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 About the Book 

There is a familiar sound among the nations. It is the frustrated, passionate people longing for substance, for real meaning to their lives.The Christ of the New Testament offered fulfilment, meaning and passion beyond what any human institution could ever offer. Even though the ensuing centuries saw this kind of vibrant faith and fellowship with God diminish in the midst of pomp and ceremony, lists of rules, infighting, self aggrandisement and political correctness gone mad.Increasing impotence rendered the Church pale, stale and too frail to make any difference to the world. Nonetheless, the purpose and desire of God for friendship with humanity has not changed.God has no plan B. This book will open your understanding and build you faith to His plan for your life to unfold, bringing to your heart the most power thin you can possess...faith to change the world and confidence that to you can.